Business in The Flow 

An Exploration of the frontiers of human possibility

“Getting into a flow state has the power to transform your work — and your life.
Not only does it allow you to derive a strong sense of meaning and pleasure from your work,
It heightens your abilities to “superhero” levels.” – Inc.

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Join a community of artists, athletes, scientists, CEOs —who have changed the definition of what’s possible. We too can stretch far beyond our limitations to create peak levels of performance and fulfillment. Join a weekly experience. 

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April. 21st, 4pm EST

“There’s this focus that, once it becomes intense, leads to a sense of ecstasy, a sense of clarity:
you know exactly what you want to do from one moment to the other; a sense of time disappears,
you forget yourself, you feel part of something larger. And once the conditions are present,
what you are doing becomes worth doing for its own sake.” – Dr. Mahaly (BBC)



Business in the flow 

We Challenge These Assumptions…

It’s important to maintain control over your business.
Being successful is about doing whatever it takes, doing what others aren’t willing to do. 

You have to have a “plan” or strategy with the business decisions you are making. 

Logic is more sound than instinct or intuition. 
You need to have the money when making the next decision. 
When things are slow you should hustle or push to make things happen. 
It’s important to stay current on market trends or read industry news. 
You have to have the infrastructure to make certain business moves. 
It’s best to diversify and have different revenue streams, your eggs in different baskets.

“Tangible benefits from this work? Long list…More money, we’ve come through 2020 with phenomenal revenue and profit margin that most companies in our space would drool over. We have a fantastic team that keeps on growing, we keep making better and better hiring decisions. We have more clients than we know what to do with and now when shit hits the fan I don’t freak out.”


CEO, Ottawa

“In the year that I have been engaged in this, I find myself more in the magical flow of life. Life has become a creative dynamic dance of unlimited possibility. It’s a way of life and it’s so much more fun to live this way—from love, connection, and fullness—rather than fear, doubt, or lack. I am so grateful to have dedicated myself to this work.”


Professional Ballet Dancer, CO

“Running a business in the flow seems counteractive to creating a productive and execution based culture. We have found it to be the opposite. Focusing on the flow has made it more fun than ever to be an entrepreneur. Money is flowing, stress is down, confidence is up. We are attracting the right customers and key employees.”


Company President, Delaware

“My life will never be the same… I cannot recommend this highly enough.”


Artist, Washington, DC

“The session was quite amazing WOW!”


“A state of flow is characterized by a sense of meaning, effortlessness, and suspended perception of time. Together, these ingredients create an unparalled work environment.” – Forbes



We’re a community of entrepreneurs—“unreasonable” and unyielding in our pursuit to make a bigger impact, to work and live from a place of ultimate mastery.

We value alignment and flow above “strategy” and understand through actualizing our human potential we’ll effortlessly increase performance & results.

We are disruptors who continuously challenge what is possible. By upleveling our decision making powers, we create the most boundless and optimal outcomes in business and life.

However, we implicitly understand no matter how much you transform your world “externally” or how much success you attain, if it’s at the cost of mindset and joy, you may not be playing the game to your greatest expression. (You don’t know what you don’t know) In fact, the point isn’t winning, it’s about playing the game you came here to play, your “unlimited” game.

Through the power of participating in this group, you stand to realize that limitless decision making is the opposite of strategy-driven choices because no matter how incredible your strategy, if you can’t pivot to the infinite moment, you could be missing your wave.

Our members say this is unlike anything they’ve ever experienced. It flies in the face of “traditional business strategy” and what “they” say about what you need to do to get results. In fact, results have nothing to do with what you do… when you go beyond mindset.



You can’t take your foot off the gas because if you do you won’t be able to have the lifestyle you currently have.

There are some big decisions or leaps you want to make but you are waiting on the money or circumstance before you make your move. 

You allow logic, being responsible, and “the right business decisions” to get in the way of expansion.

You feel pressured to do certain things like ‘scale’ and ‘grow’ but those aren’t directions you truly want to go. 

You may feel content, you have a lot to be grateful for, but there’s an emptiness you can’t quite place.

Your business doesn’t excite you the same way it used to. 

Every time your revenue dips you spring into ‘action’ or hustle mode. 

You want to take a leap into a new business model or mode of career but you keep putting it off waiting for the right time.

You feel the pressure of payroll and team so you’re always on the lookout for ways to stabilize it but then it goes back to the same pattern of worry, it’s always in the background.


In the Flow

Our members say this is unlike anything they’ve ever experienced. Experience it for yourself.

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